Slow DSL speed

DSL speed thru Netgear N300 Wireless Router (Modem is Westall 6100) normally @ 1.3 Mbps drops to .5 Mbps or less in the afternoon, causing Netflix, Amazon Prime et al  to slow to less than broadcasting speed causing stoppages. How can I speed DSL up or keep it from slowing?  Does Modem or Router need replacing? Recommendations?

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If the DSL is slowing down during the evening hours, then it's likely due to congestion outside of your network. Just be sure you are disconnecting other devices, or stopping them from talking to the Internet when you are speed testing for reliable results.

To start, what modem do you have from Verizon? Or, is the Netgear also your modem? If you know how to get the DSL/Transceiver Statistics, could you post them up for us?

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I had this same issue with slow speed from 4pm-11pm. Also on the weekends my speed started drop in half. I had a speed upgrade so this helped, but I still was dropping under 3 Meg's at night sometimes. My sync rate always stayed at 7840. I called in and asked to speak with someone from the CO after a couple of calls I finally got a call from Jeff. He was very helpful and explained the issue. He told me the router/modem I was on was conjested. He explained there was 7 router/modem options. I was switched to number 5 I believe. He also explained it was all optical from my terminal to the CO now. Since then I have not had an issue. Been 5 days now. The only down side of this is, if there is an outaged I'll will be switch back to 3. Hope this helps..
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@Smith6612 wrote:

To start, what modem do you have from Verizon?

The OP said their modem is the Westell 6100.

To OP:

Try visiting for us and do the following:

a) If you see a Blue and White Westell page, mouse over Troubleshooting, go to DSL, and choose Transceiver Statistics. Copy and paste the information on that page.

b) If using the Red and Black Firmware: Go to System Monitoring > Advanced Monitors > Transceiver Statistics. Copy and paste the information on that page.

c) Try visiting which is a direct link to the Stats on older modems.

d) If you need a Username and Password, try the following:





admin/Serial Number.

By Serial Number, I don't mean type in the words Serial Number. I mean find and type in the serial number found on the bottom of this router.


If trying to go to does not take you the Westell unit, please post.

If trying to log-in does not work, please post.

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Use VPN to jump over Verizon streaming restrictions, see this for an explanation