Slow Download speeds since snow/ice storm 2 weeks ago

I've been experiencing half of my download speeds since a snow/ice storm went through about 2 weeks ago(pay for 100/100 only getting 55/80 since the storm), which did cause power outages/surges in the surrounding neighborhoods.  I've gone through the Verizon "automated" troubleshooter and it seems to be unable to successfully test the connection between my house and verizon. The automated troubleshooter asks me to retry the test several times and seems like it skips that step and just tries to reset the connection. When it does  reset the connection it does not help my speeds. 

I have rebooted my personal router several times and I have also downgraded firmware "just in case" it was a software issue.  I have also tested my personal router at my friends house to confirm it is working as it should. 

The outdoor Verizon ONT is enternet connected (via cat 6) to my Netgear R7800 Nighthawk X4S. 

Could Verizon please try to perform the tests to my ONT to see if there are any issues?

Re: Slow Download speeds since snow/ice storm 2 weeks ago

You have to call them 1-800-VERIZON to have the ONT to their servers tested.

they will test no further because you do not use their router.

that is one of the trade offs on saving rental fees. No router no service testing.