Slow Speed 200k Down 700k Up

I have a connection that is a few months old and I started having this problem a few weeks ago.  The down speed is running around 200k and up is at around 700k which is very strange.  The verizon speed tests are the same even if I am connected directly to the Westell 7500. I checked what I can inside and all connections are good and voice is good on the copper.

Working with support is a very slow process. After over an hour we are still working on finding something that points to a bad PC or virus or an unsupported device which I can understand but I am trying to explan that nothing else is connected.

The IP voice line to India went down last night and they had to abandon my call.  Does anyone know where I can talk to an engineer that can tell me where a breakdown might be occuring so I can check those points?


Re: Slow Speed 200k Down 700k Up
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#1 If running the blue firmware, go to . Choose Troubleshooting, and then click Transceiver Statistics.

If using Verizon-branded firmware (should be Red and Black), go to System Monitoring, Advanced Monitors, and then choose Transceiver statistics. Post up the information you see on that page. If you are prompted for a Username and Password, try one of the following:

Your Verizon username/password

#2 Is wireless enabled in the router? If using Verizon-branded firmware, I believe this is at Wireless Setup.