Slow Speed on Own Router

Hi All,

Apologies for a repeat topic, but I can't seem to find a solution.

Today a VZ tech installed an ONT in my apartment, plugged into the VZ modem (Quantum gateway). I did some speed test ( and was getting roughly the 200/200 I ordered.

Once the tech left, I released the DCHP lease, unplugged the Quantum, and plugged in my ASUS RT-AC1200. Originally, speed tests were very poor (20/10). Now they're at around 25-30/100. I deactivated QoS (Traffic Manager) and hard reset the router, but I can't get anywhere close to the 200/200 I was getting on the Quantum Gateway.

From everything I've read, it seems like it should be plug and play given my router can handle the speed. I don't have any custom firmware installed.

Any ideas? Thanks so much for any help in advance!

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One issue you might have is according to the specs of that router the WAN/LAN ports are  both 10/100 BaseT. So the max speed you are going to get from that router is 100/100 mbps. 

The other issue is if you have already reset the router and your only getting 30 mbps down you might just have a bad router. Also try a different ethernet cable and LAN port when testing. Try couple different test servers when speed testing. 

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Wierd this has happened to me too.  I recently upgraded from 150/150 to 1GB and reset my router to get the new speeds and it's actually lowered my speeds from that to 30/100 mb.  

Tech support was sending a tech to my house this week to look at my ONT since they ran some diags remotely and saw some problems.  

I'll try to keep this thread informed.