Slow Upload Speeds

Between 9am to 7pm weekdays and all weekend long my upload speed is 1/4 vs other times. I have opened tickets and sent them video screenshots but no reply.

They are throttling bandwidth but doesn't make a lot of sense on the upload path? 

This didn't happen to me in NYC but just moved two weeks ago to PA and now I'm being throttled with my 1GB connection.

Anyone else with this upload issue? Download is fine. I reach 956 Mbps from my NYC servers.

Think it is happening at  one or all of these hops. (  14.907 ms  11.288 ms (  13.398 ms

 8 (  12.872 ms  21.996 ms  10.757 ms

 9 (  12.069 ms (  15.034 ms (  25.009 ms

10 (  13.254 ms  12.904 ms  12.945 ms

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