Slow WiFi Issues

I purchased 1Gb Fios connection tp my house but WiFi speeds are very slow. I have done the following test trying to debug:

1) Ran Fios iPhone Speed Test (Verizon to my Router) = 883Mb Down / 908 Mb Up

2) Wired Hard connection (Cat5 to laptop) = 572Mb Down / 902Mb Up

3) Use WiFi = 30Mb Down / 72Mb Up

I have already rebooted my router mutiple times. I know WiFi is slower than Ethernet connection but these speeds basically make it unusable.

Is my Router defective? What can be done to improve my WiFi speeds?

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Community Leader
Community Leader

What router are you using? What wireless devices are you testing with? Are you connected to 2.4 or 5 GHz?

Wireless speeds are not guaranteed and will vary from location to location. There are many factors involved like construction materials and RF interference just to name a few. 

As far as 30 mbps being unusable that is not true. You can stream 4K video at 25 mbps.