Slow and/or unavailable internet
Internet has always been slow- can't watch Utube videos, pages won't download because server stops responding. Called tech support & after 2 hours they determined it was modem/router. Got new one (7500) and Internet is even worse. Have to restart router several times per day. It is currently set on channel 6- I saw someone on here got faster Internet by switching to channel 9. I was going to try that but got message asking if I was sure I wanted to do that. It said I may have to reconfigure settings if I made that change. I chickened out & left it on 6. I did a speedtest & download speeds were from .07 to a high of .21. Uploads were low of .51 & high of .52. Ping varied from 83 ms to high of 106ms. I am paying for high speed Internet enhanced 1.1 to 3 Mbps. Getting frustrated-hope someone can help before I switch to cable......
Re: Slow and/or unavailable internet
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The only 'channel' is for wireless, and that has nothing to do with DSL.

Re: Slow and/or unavailable internet
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Verizon's internet is atrocious!! I'm disappointed (and glad) to see that someone else is experiencing the exact same problems we are. They insisted that it was OUR router, but our router worked perfectly fine 3 months ago when we had internet service from CenturyLink. Even with the lowest internet with CenturyLink, we didn't have this many problems, and we, too, are paying extra for our "high speed internet" to be "enhanced". It must be enhanced with pretend awesomeness, because our internet cut out every 10-20 minutes yesterday. I'm thinking of switching, myself.

I would have called tech support, but I'm getting sick of asking the Indian folks to repeat themselves. Plus, they would have just told me, again, that it was the router. It's a go-to fix for them.