Slow internet? Help!

I'm confused about this. Help..

I've moved back in with my mother and found out she has Verizon DSL and is paying $70/$80 a month for about 5mbps! Wew! I thought she already had Verizon Fios but apparently not with THAT speed?? That must be DSL (right?) 

I'd definitely like to get her faster internet. I'm not sure if the DSL can go faster but clearly Fios advertises faster internet options for roughly the same monthly price. 

My mother mentioned talking to a local cable company about getting cable internet to the house, and was told she'd have to pay $16,000 for them to put in a new conduit as the current none "does not have enough space for it". 

I honestly do not know if this 'cable' she mentioned was Verizon or a competitor. I'm curious though if this would apply to Verizon fios if not. Can she get Verizon Fios or will a new line through a new conduit likely needing to be put down...? 

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It sounds like she probably has DSL. Verizon initially offered 5/2, but that was many years ago. Easiest way to tell is to look at the router. If it has a phone line connected to it then it's DSL. If ethernet or coax then it's FiOS.  What is the model number on the router?

Verizon doesn't charge to bring the fiber to the house. That sounds like the Cable company. If you house has a long driveway they have to run a bigger cable and charge to do the work.