Slow internet speed on Gigabit Speeds

I just changed my fios internet to gigabit speed internet and I have the previous router model (i.e. gateway, not the new Wifi 6 router). Wifi speeds are miserable at or below 75mbps, and as I go away from the router it gets even worse despite two wall extenders (TP Link AC750, and Netgear AC1200) in the house. I have around 25-30 devices connected to the network. I don't have TV, just fios internet connected to fios router with ethernet cable. Should I get the new Wifi 6 router? Or can I replace my current router with mesh systems (e.g. TP-Link Deco M5 system, etc.)? Thank you!

Re: Slow internet speed on Gigabit Speeds
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Community Leader

I suggest the following.

#1 Switch from Moca to Ethernet.

As how to do that, see:

#2 Then use your own router.

#3 They will support you only up to the ONT. So you may keep the FIOS router for any kind of trouble shooting.