Slow speeds - Gigabit

Started a few weeks ago. I hadn't changed anything on my setup, and all of the sudden my gigabit connection went from a wifi speed of about 300/300, to about 50/300. I thought perhaps the verizon router was done for. Went through all sorts of tests with Verizon on the phone, nothing fixed this. At the router, they tested at about 940/940. Standing at the router with my laptop, wifi, i got about 300/600. So, the same slow download occurs even if you are ruling out the interference and distance issues. So I bought a new mesh network from Nokia. Faster, but same issues. With my laptop, about 400/800 standing by the router, which, btw, i upgraded to Cat6a, to be sure it wasnt a wiring issue.

At my iMac, further away, im getting about 200/400, sometimes slower on the download. But always 2x at least as fast on the upload. So it wasnt my verizon equipment, and I dont see any way to fix this, and the verizon people on the phone havent been remotely helpful. (no pun intended.) I guess the next step is an in home technician. UGH.

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