Slower than 1gig

I had Fios installed yesterday. My Xfinity is still active as well. I have a 1 gig plan with both providers. My xfinity speed tests average 700-800 down on my MacMini. My Fios, using the same cat7 cable and ASUS router Connected to the ONT are only giving me 200-300 on the Same MacMini.

verizon Speedtest shows 950 up and down from the ONT back to Verizon. 

if my equipment can handle 750 down from xfinity, why can’t it handle any more than 300 down on Fios?

I also substituted the ASUS router For the Verizon router, It didn’t change anything. Besides, the ASUS router is the same one that was connected to my arris modem for xfinity that worked fine.

How do I fix this?

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