Some trouble with packet loss

This problem with Verizon FIOS started 2-3 weeks ago.   Packet loss occurred randomly or every  10-20 minutes.

Some test were run from different places,  discovered that the problem was in one of the verizons hops.  To prove that to verizon it really hard because they always tell you that the problem is in your equipment.

Please see the video I made to show you how the problem happens.

We run an internet radio station and every 10-20 minutes for about a week our stream is interrupted. After speaking to Verizon tech support and having done all kinds of acrobatic numbers under the table switching devices, wires, and what not, we did a simple test. It clearly shows that the problem in their system, ALTER.NET is verizon's links, and as you can see and hear, the problem starts when packet loss occurs in those hops. But Verizon keeps saying that they have nothing to do with that problem... they recommend to change computers, routers, wiring, gender, replace brain, etc... anything, but their services is so great! THE BEST!