Substantial Buffering with Fios Streaming
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It's September 9, 2022 and for the past 4 days my Fios has not been streaming without substantial buffering.  It's nearly unwatchable.  It was working good at 1080p but now it will not even power 720p without YouTube forcing the speed down to 140.  I  performed the only Fios fix this morning which  seemed to help a little. If it did help, it was negligible.  Modest system: 1 Dell MT-9020, i7  3.4gHz, 8gb ram and a 750ti gpu connected by short ethernet cable.  WiFi  shows same problems with streaming.  Great shame as it worked great for the last 2 years.


Re: Substantial Buffering with Fios Streaming
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Community Leader

Dell MT-9020 uses Intel I218-LM NIC. This NIC is listed by Intel as one of problematic NICs that have trouble accommodating certain ONTs. The fix is to disable TCP/UDP Checksum Offload for IPv6 in the adapter settings. Intel posted a technical advisory on their website for five years now, not sure why Dell did not pass this notice to the consumers, and why Dell is still using the problematic Intel NICs?