Sudden issues after router change

Hello, I am using my own router for my

internet, and kept the Verizon router so my STB will still work. I was having issues with no guide on my stb, but found these steps from user JustinG which seemed to help:

I have a good idea of whats up here. Just to re-confirm, your nighthawk is connected, and you can access the internet from it?

I believe the problem is that your Nighthawk is handing out LAN IPs in the range of 192.168.1.X, which is also what the G1100 hands out, so the G1100 and Nighthawk network are overlapping.

You'll need to change the IP range that the G1100 uses for the set top boxes. To do this, please login to the G1100 (Easiest way to do this would be to plug an ethernet cable from the G1100 into your computer). Go to and enter the username and password listed on the side of the router.

Once you've logged in follow these steps:

Click My Network at the top of the screen. Then click Network Connections on the sidebar of the page that will appear.

Click on Network (Home/Office).

Click the Settings button at the bottom of the page.

Look for the portion of the settings page which says Use the following IP address:, you should see This is what you have to change.

Change the address to

You just need to change two more settings before moving on. Scroll down a bit to the IP Address Distribution section. You'll see a "Start IP address" and "End IP address" section. Change these from and to and

Your configuration should look like this (images may not always show up due to them needing moderated manually):

Lastly, click Apply at the bottom of the page. The Verizon router will reboot. Reboot your set top boxes, and check for connectivity.

I'm 99% sure this should solve your issue


My stb now has a guide,  it my internet seems to be going in and out. I changed nothing except those IP addresses, any ideas what could be happening?

Re: Sudden issues after router change
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It is very hard to diagnose given these information. Can you check your network for loops and IP conflictions? If you know how to use WireShark, you can see whether there is broadcast/multicast flooding.