Super Slow DSL Speeds
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I have been without internet for a week.  Verizon finally fixed the problem yesterday afternoon and my internet service was restored but now I have super slow DSL speeds.  0.36 dowload & 0.54upload.

I am tired of calling tech support and being told to reboot my computer, modem, yadda yadda.  There is something else going on here and need to figure out if it is with the modem itself or the line.  All the line tests the tech support people have done come back normal.

The modem is reporting the OAM ping test as failing in Far End F4 Loop Back Count & Near End F4 Loop Back Count.  No idea what that means.....

The speed from the modem itself is listed as: 


416 / 640 Kbps

I've done ipconfig flush dns, ipconfig release, ipconfig renew, etc etc.  In home agent is reporting a problem with the dsl signal and just instructs me to reset the modem which does not help. 

The modem is old, GT704WG from verizon.  I am thinking about going out and buying a new one but don't want to do that if it is not going to fix the problem.  It just seems odd that last week internet speed was fine and now it is slow as hell.

I had no internet or phone this week which they are claiming it was due to a line being pinched when my house was re-stuccod in December(granted internet and phone worked fine up until last Sunday).  Verizon went under the house and fixed the line, phone & internet came back on.  When I logged onto the browser I was prompted to activate my verizon service( I guess because it had been out for a week).  Did that, got onto websites but connection is extermely slow and I am at my wits end.

I've spent more time on the phone this week with the unhelpful verizon people then I spend all year talking to my relatives and I really don't want to call them back and sit on the phone for another 45 min to an hour. 

Anything I can do to diagnose and possibly fix this?

Re: Super Slow DSL Speeds
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If you are having an issue with your Verizon service, you can use the Verizon Troubleshooter to fix and report issues with your Verizon Phone, FiOS TV, or Internet Service, as well as to schedule a repair, here is the link:
You can find tools on the Verizon Residential Support page that may help you diagnose your issue:

Re: Super Slow DSL Speeds
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I appreciate you taking the time to answer my post, however your tools do nothing to tell me what is going on nor am I going to schedule yet another repair.

This past week when I had a "repair" scheduled, I was told they would be out on wednesday to fix our problem.  No time frame was given for when this repair would take place.  My retired father waited at the house the entire day only to have the repair man show up at 4:30pm who told us it was too late in the day to wait 5 min for us to move some boxes out of the closet that were over our crawl space so he could go under the house and fix the damaged wire.  Instead he ran a long phone line from our box to our kitchen phone, told us this was a temporary solution and that if we called the repair center in the morning someone would come out in the morning and fix it.

We called in the morning, only again to be given no time frame for the repair.  My father again waited all day, this time no one showed up.  Even after he called 3 x's that day trying to get information on when the tech would be there....

Finally on Friday after spending another entire day waiting for a repair man did one show up around 3 in the afternoon one did, he went under the house and fixed the wire and our phone service was finally restored after 4 days.  The dsl finally came back on albeit at a super slow speed as I am experiencing now.

Right now I am currently calling around to get rate quotes from other providers for our phone, internet, tv, & wireless.  My experience with your "customer support" has soured me to verizon even though I have been with you guys for 10 plus years.  I don't want to spend one more day waiting for  repair man who may or may not show up.  I don't want to spend another hour to hour and a half on the phone with some man in India who is just going to ask me to reboot my pc and modem over and over again and run a "line test" which is the same thing your automated phone service asks you to do as well. 

Your company just doesn't get it when it comes to customer service.  I pay my bill every month on time and in the 10 plus years I've been with you this is one of three times I've called for support.  Each time I've had a horrible experience and the only thing that has kept me with you is that most of the time the service works as it should.  I have heard FIOS is relatively trouble free, at least in my neighborhood, which is the only reason I am still considering the upgrade but if I do find a more reasonable deal with a company that has a better record for customer service I will be cancelling my order.  I have a few weeks left to decide.  It's unfortunate too because there are some nice folks that work at verizon but your company philosophy towards customer service has changed the bigger you've gottena and you've lost touch with what your customer's need from you.