Switch from Coax to Cat5e, a few questions.

Hey, I've been reading up a bit, and I have half of this figured out, I would like to run CAT5 cable from my ONT to my router, instead of using the coax, and switch to my own wireless N router instead of using this awful ActionTec router. I have my Internet Service, Telephone and Television through Verizon.

I currently have not run any form of ethernet cable between my router and ONT, I have a few questions. Clearly, I just need to run the cable between the ONT and the router, but I read that if I also have Television service through you, I need to have my coax run still, because the TV (clearly) won't work, my question is exactly where does the coax have to run? do I still need it hooked up to this (god awful) Actiontec router? Idealy, I would like to completely power off this thing, put it in a box and never see it again

I guess what I'm asking for, is a complete list of things I need to do (besides running the cable) that I have to do to get my internet access to run via ethernet instead of coax, and have the rest of my services working.

Re: Switch from Coax to Cat5e, a few questions.
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The ethernet 'out' of your optical network terminal must be activated.  Call tech support and advise them that you have already run your own ethernet from the ONT to the router and they can have it activated.   (not an 'instant' process, but should not take more than 24 hours, max)

as long as the router has coax screwed onto it now, its fine.  you can move the router if you like, but it must be hooked up to a coax jack that you know is 'active', such as one by one of your televisions.  -You can get a good splitter to put on the end of the coax currently going to one of your set top boxes, then add a piece of coax from the splitter to the set top box, and add a line off the splitter going to the router.     of course, you will also have router management considerations.