Tech Support Service Complaint

I recently subscribed to Verizon last July 10, 2018. I have no problem connecting internet for a couple of days, but today. I called Verizon tech support regarding unable to access internet thru wifi & ethernet this morning and "Paul" tech support from Virginia answered the call. I told him my internet issues and rebooted by router with no success. Because he cannt fix it, he offers me to go to greek squad, apple genius, Dell, HP support and offer the primium Verizon service with paid subscription or he will call the Tech local service for $99 because he said my computers have an issues not the verizon. Seriuosly! all 5 computers, 3 desktop and 2 phones are have issues and need services. We can't agree with the offer and he hang up the call/ disconnect without my permission, Paul- " Sorry, I can't do anything but to hang up  the call and bye" 

This is madness, he never transfered me to his supervisor or more knowledgeable than him, instead disconnected the call to avoid any inconviniency to his part.

After he hang up, I redial the number again for a support.

I called again the tech support and Jaime/ JV from Massachusett answered my call. He is nice and explained to him the issues. He did reboot my router and didn't work. He asked permission if he can dig more info, I give him go ahead. He told me that he is going to break the lease and reset my router. Walla!!! everythings are working. I told him(Jaime/JV fm Massachusset) that I asked Paul if he can reset my Router and change the IP because maybe that's the problem but PAUL denied me and said to me " I cannot do that, reseting your router and change your IP. Your problem is your computer and beyond my work".  My god!!!  5 computer with one problem, Internet connection. All he can do is to offer me to apply Priumium Tech support for Verizon or greek squad.  This is not tech support I am expecting from Verizon. Kudos to knowledgeable Tech support from Massachusset, It looks simple fix and it works doing trouble shooting in cotrast to Paul from Virginia rebooting the router only and offering subscriptions without trouble shooting the issue.