Tech visit

I called Verizon because of signal problem. I have 3 bedroom apartment and it seems that WiFi signal is not strong enough because it’s dropping all the time. I called customer service looking for solution. They offered an WiFi extender (even though I think the router should be enough in my opinion to cover not too big 3 bedroom apartment). Before I agreed for the extender I asked how difficult it will be for me to install it and if there is anything that I will need in order to do so. I was assured it’s very easy and I don’t have to worry about it. I was charged $10 for the shipping. Two days later extender indeed came. Then I realized is the wired one and I need an extra coax outlet I. The room where the signal is dropping. I don’t have active coax outlet in that room. When I called customer service they said I have to schedule tech visit and pay for it. That is ridiculous! This is why I was asking questions before ordering the extender. To make sure it I’ll be possible for me to do. Now I paid for the shipping, I’m paying for the extender that I’m not able to use. Time to switch companies. I will make sure I spread the information to not go to Verizon fios as the company only cares about getting the money from their customers and they are offering no help even though their agents are wrong.