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Back in October, before disconnecting my service due to moving, I had some issue with my internet connection. I spoke to the Verizon Representative and she helped me with troubleshooting, which still didn't fix the problem. She eventually scheduled the tech visit for me, saying there may or may not be a fee to this, depending on what the problem is, which the tech will decide after assessing.

When The tech, Anthony, arrived, he fixed the problem within just a few minutes by simply moving our router from one room to another, where he said the signal is better. We triple confirmed with him and he told us we will not be charged of any fee in this sort of situation. However, on my next billing statement, I found out Verizon charged me $99 Tech visit fee as well as $60 service fee. 

First of all, The rep. told us $99 fee may or may not be charged and second of all she had not mentioned a single thing about an additional fee of $60. Regardless of all of this, the tech confirmed we will not have to pay any fee towards this visit. I called the customer service again to dispute this charge and the representative came back saying, "this can't be true and what the representative had told you was wrong. Also, the technician shouldn't be trusted" and that there's nothing he can do. I was never informed they would automatically charge me of $99 just for tech visit nor there are hidden fees. If I had known, I wouldn't have gave the consent, especially, since we just had a month left before our move to disconnect our service. Now I'm charged of $159 and I just got to find out today, there are many Verizon Customers, who have similar complaints. Never trust the customer service! 

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