Technician lied about upgrade cost

I bought a house back in July so I set up an appointment to have my FIOS service moved from the old place to the new.  When the technician arrived, he said that since I'm moving, I can't use my older plan (50/50 with a fee-waived upgrade to 75/75 Mbps) since its been superseded by the 100/100 Mbps service.  He also said that my monthly bill will NOT change and will stay at $45/month.  A few months go by and I notice that I'm being charged $65/month for the new service.  I called customer service they acknowledged that my bill should be $45/month so they prorated the charge for that month and said they would make the change permanent.  It wasn't.  It went back to $65 again.  So I called CS again.  Same thing.  I called a third time and this time the representative said that the technician was wrong and should not have promised that the service charge would stay the same for upgraded service.  Only thing I could do now was to stick with the current service or downgrade to 50/50 Mbps for $40/month.  I wasn't even offered the upgrade to 75/75 Mbps that I had before.  

Technicians should not be selling services that can't be met.  And why do some CSRs agree that I should be charged a lower rate and others disagree?  I've been with Verizon for years but this has left me extremely disappointed.

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Hi random_gui55,

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