Terrible Chat Support, and Bad Reps.
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Im laughing while I write this because of the current chat session I am in. 

I have great respect or Verizon, yet I just want things simple, I pay a lot of money for my services, and I get annoyed easily when I get constant problems.... Sometimes simple questions become tasks just to much to deal with..... 

I was having a problem with the Mac Version of the in Home Agent, I own several computers, some Macs, and PCs and a few other types of computers. Yet I the Mac Version of In Home Agent was not working. 

It kept asking me for a VZID and MON, and I did not why it was doing this. So I thought I would use the chat cause I hate calling the Verizon number cause that automated woman comes up. She never helps me, sometimes I dont say anything and she goes " Sorry I didnt recongize what you said " I go what ? and she goes " Sorry " "Sorry please try your call again. " 

I dont know why yet this happens a lot.... So I just wanted to use the chat. So I fill all the information out, name, phone, address info, blah blah blah. 

Then ask the question about the In Home Agent asking what the VZID and MON meant. I proceed to click start, and sure I meet this fellow with his Auto Response Paragraph Warehouse... 

Here is the Chat Log, (editied a bit)


Chat Subject:FiOS Internet (Other)

Your Question:Verizon in Home Agent, On Mac Version, Asks me for VZID and MON. I do not know what that is. Please help me fix this.

A Verizon Service Representative will be with you shortly. Thank you.

Agent 01 has joined. (01:31:10)

Agent 01 : Chat ID for this session is Number. (01:31:10)

Agent 01(01:31:15): Thank you for using Verizon FiOS Technical Support. I apologize for any delays in reaching an agent. Please remember we are only able to assist you with technical support or questions on your FIOS services. My name is Agent 01, may I have your name, phone number, home street address, city name, and zip code to look up the account as well as a can be reached number in case we need to contact you?

Customer(01:31:31): Didn't I just fill this form out for that....

Agent 01(01:32:06): Unfortunately I would need you to confirm it

Customer(01:32:16): What a pain...

Customer(01:32:18): Any way

Customer(01:32:54): Customer, Phone Number, Address, State, and Zip

Agent 01(01:33:09): Thank you allow me a minute to verify this information, while you are waiting, have you heard of Verizon In-Home Agent? It's 24/7 support at the click of your mouse that you can download quickly at < https://www22.verizon.com/ResidentialHelp/inhomeagent >. This amazing tool can assist you with resolving issues with internet connectivity, email configuration, resetting your set top box, programming your remote, and much more and just to let you know you will receive and e-mail following this chat with important information regarding FiOS products and services, can it be sent to email

Note on this chat : REALLY?????? This Is why I started the chat in the first place!! Clearly not paying attention.... Enough with the auto responses... Pay attention...

Agent 01(01:33:19): Allow me a moment to review your question

Agent 01(01:35:14): Before discussing your Verizon ID and Master Order Number, I need to ask you a couple of questions to ensure I am protecting your confidential information. You may need to have a copy of your bill for us to proceed. Can I please get you to confirm the account number or the install date, please.

Customer(01:35:54): Why does it take so much effort...

Agent 01(01:36:24): This is to ensure we are protecting your confidential information.

Your session is now closed.

Im not gonna bother with the Chat System, its such a pain..... 


Re: Terrible Chat Support, and Bad Reps.
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I am sorry you are frustrated with the authentication process. The name, phone, and address is just so we can pull up the account to provide any help at all. Any customer we interface with must provide that information. Whenever a customer is requesting we provide them with any account information, we have to safe guard it further with billing information. This is to make sure we are providing account information to the actual customer. Anyone can call and provide someone elses name, address, and phone because that information is easily gotten. I am sorry you felt this as an inconvenience, but its really for your protection. Whether you call, chat, or post in forums , these guidelines must be adhered to. Should you wish our further assistance in providing you with the information you need, please send me a private message

Thank you,