Terrible Customer Service

Word of advice to other customers with a terrible experience,

  1. Reach out to billing at 1-800-837-4966 to receive a credit for services you didn't receive. I have yet to do so, so I'm not sure what "credit" means or if I will be given one.
  2. Call 800-Verizon from Gmail phone, I already have racked up 2 HOURS and 10 MIN of wait time on my Verizon cellphone.
  3. According to online support chat there is NO WAY to file a complaint online and the support people claim they will do so on your behalf (HAHA). So these forums are the only way I know of right now to file complaints.

Below is my experience with Verizon High Speed Internet and complaints for others to be aware of (because we all know Verizon has no market incentiive to care).

  1. DSL was continually disconnecting even after rebooting modem. 
  2. Called 800-Verizon and received several error messages saying "Your call cannot be completed as dialed."
  3. Finally managed to get through to someone on 800-Verizon at midnight of Dec 6, 2014 after waiting 30 mins. Total call time 1 HOUR 30 MIN
  4. Was told a repair tech would come out in 7 DAYS! Would need to call back after 8:30 AM to check for availability of an earlier appointment.
  5. Called back the next day and was told a tech could come out on Dec 10, 2014 sometime during the ENTIRE DAY. Could not guarantee even a 4 hour morning window. Total calltime 40 mins.
  6. Went to the Verizon Support website to check status of the repair request and received the error: "We found no open tickets for this account."
  7. Chatted with a support person online and was told because this request was "Tier 2" the status could not be checked online.
  8. Asked where I could submit a support complaint and was told by support person that "Please let me know that. I'll put this across on your behalf."
  9. I refused and said I would be posting to forum and looking for a new internet provider.
  10. Was told to reach out to billing at 1-800-837-4966 to receive a credit for services I didn't receive.

Here are my complaints:

  1. The call wait time is ridiculous, you're obviously understaffed. 1 hour and 30 min call in the middle of the night? Seriously?
  2. Waiting 7 days without internet is ridiculous.
  3. Your online systems are fractured and disorganized. When trying to login to Verizon Residential on a mobile browser you reguarly reroute users to Verizon Wireless. Having separate support sites for Verizon Residential and Wireless is just inefficient and confusing.
  4. I regularly get 1x cellphone data connections in my zip code instead of 3G on an iPhone 4S. So, yeah, that's pretty sad considering I live in one of the biggest cities in the country.

I will be contacting billing about reimbursement for:

  1. 8 days of unreliable internet (will be more if the tech doesn't fix it)
  2. 2 HOURS, 10 MIN of cellphone minutes.

I'm in 90066 and will be checking with AT&T and Time Warner about service availability.

Re: Terrible Customer Service
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Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Before the agent can begin assisting you, they will need to collect further information from you.

Please go to your profile page for the forum, and look in the middle, right at the top where you will find an area titled "My Support Cases". You can reach your profile page by clicking on your name beside your post, or at the top left of this page underneath the title of the board.

Under “My Support Cases” you will find a link to the private board where you and the agent may exchange information. This should be checked on a frequent basis as the agent may be waiting for information from you before they can proceed with any actions.

To ensure you know when they have responded to you, at the top of your support case there is a drop down menu for support case options. Open that and choose "subscribe".

Please keep all correspondence regarding your issue in the private support portal.