The worst customer service ever!

I had FiOS for a year but ended up moving from my apartment so had to cancel service earlier than the 2 year agreement. I was moving out a week after my billing cycle ended and confirmed with Verizon fios (over the phone) that they would prorate my bill.  I called the day I moved out to cancel my service but was told I would be charged for the full month plus the early cancellation fee.  The Verizon rep. said there was no record of the conversation that they would prorate my bill.  After going back and forth for some time I decided to let it go and just pay for the month. I would've canceled my service at the end of my billing cycle if they didn't lie and tell me they would prorate my bill.

I paid for the full month through auto pay and canceled the auto pay right away after that.  A few days later I received a call from Verizon Fios asking me if they could close my account so that the new tenant could open an account with Verizon.  I told them no because Verizon made me pay for the full month.  The rep in return offered to waive the early termination fee so they could close my account early in order to service the new tenant.  I agreed to that offer and the rep confirmed that the early termination fee had been waived.

A month later I received a bill for the early termination fee and at this point I felt that talking to Verizon was obviously useless and that I might as well be talking to a wall so I ignored the bills after which they sent it to collection.  I continued to ignore them and I have not received anything for a while so I thought they finally gave up.

Now 2 years later I decided to give Fios another chance.  I place an order for Fios at my new address and it was put on hold for me to call them to resolve an issue.  I called and spoke to 3 reps. (including a manager name Susan from the Massachusetts office) for almost an hour.   The manager was extremely rude (I must not know what customer service means nowadays) and she wasn't even trying to hear what I was telling her. She just basically told me there was no record of any rep telling me they would waive the early termination fee and it was my responsibility to call them to resolve the issue 2 years ago.  Now that 2 years have passed there is nothing they can do and they will not waive the fee.  I canceled my new order with her after speaking to her because I don't want to have anything to do with this company.   

I guess this is how verizon fios works.  Cheat and lie to their customers and just keep saying there's no record of that conversation.  Very convenient.  If that was the case then they owe me money for the prorated amount to my account of the last month I paid in full when they canceled my account.  Of course THEY WILL HAVE NO RECORD OF THAT.  

I was with verizon wireless for over 20 years because I used to think their customer service and phone service was the best but 5 years or so ago things started going downhill with their service. Verizon for residential was never as good as wireless but my god I can't believe how bad it is.  Now I believe they are the worst company out there for their customer service.  

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