The worst support ever


About 2 weeks ago I moved to new home.

I noticed that in my home installed fios box. Screenshot below.


After this I called to Frontier-Fios internet company and ask your guys about internet plans and the ability to install the internert.

They told me that my order is approved and Installation tech will be on my home on 1-t June. After this I received email confirmation.

On 05/31/18 I called to Frontier for confirming installation date, they told me that I have another order number and another installation date 12-june. WHAT ? **bleep**.

Guys, just I need Internet, last owner used your internet, communication stuff in the garage is active. This is very easy to create new account and apply this account to existing box, for what need extra installation ?

Somebody has responsibility, because your service very bad, 2-3 weeks for installing internet from first request and I still doesn't have it.

Who can help me ???

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Hi Yuriyyurov,

Verizon no longer supports areas serviced by Frontier.  Please contact Frontier concerning any issues or questions you may have.