Traffic filtering on the G1100 FIOS gateway

Just got FIOS hooked up and I guess they now install the G1100 router

I want to setup port forwarding to only allow inbound traffic from a specific external IP/hostname.   For the life of me I cannot find anywhere that allows an inbound filter to be setup.   Anyone been able to do this?  Thanks for any ideas are suggestions on work around.   Cheers.

Re: Traffic filtering on the G1100 FIOS gateway
Community Leader
Community Leader

Sad to say not possible with their router.

Do you also have FIOS TV?

What kind of connection does this router have the ONT (the device that converts from light to eletrical and vise-vera[the other way around]) - Ethernet or Moca?

Do you have your own seperate router? If so, what is the brand and model of it? For example I have the Linksys E4200 hardware version one.

If you do not have your own separate router, do you have a spare computer that works that has at least two NICs? Plase note one of the NICs will need to be a wired one.