Transfer of DSL service delayed TWICE.
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On 9/4/09 I call Verizon to transfer dsl service from my old address to my new address. On 9/9/09 my Landline service was activated at the new address with the same tele #. They gave me a turn on date for DSL of 9/22/09, which I thought was quite long, but I decided to stick it out. Yesterday, I get home from work and their is a message from Verizon that my service ready date was pushed to 9/29/09. This had me raging mad. I pay my bills online, communicate with family online and do banking and stocks online. I can not wait a whole month for DSL service. If Verizon can not give me the original ready date of 9/22, I will gladly cancel my service and go to Comcast, but I will also cancel my landline service with Verizon as well  go with comcast. No sense in paying 2 companies when one can provide both services. After all of this waiting, what speed are they going to guarantee me ? The people I spoke to on the phone ( 2 different people at 2 different times) told me I would get 7MBPS. I highly doubt that.

Re: Transfer of DSL service delayed TWICE.

I understand your frustration! I contacted a local internet company for DSL and they have to have Verizon do something to the line before set-up. It was supposed to have been installed on the 11th of this month and has been pushed back twice to now the 6th of October. And because of an out of town project, I won't be available until the 19th!!!! I called twice yesterday. The first call I was disconnected after being on hold quite a while. The second one couldn't give me a reason why and left me frustrated. At least you have a choice. I am at Verizon's mercy as to when they will let my internet company use the line. Hope you get some relief soon.