Triple Package
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I signed up about 8 years ago for the Verizon Fios Triple package, phone, internet and TV @ $79.00 per month.  Over the last year I have been billed for $2946.65 for these services.  At $79 per month that is 37 months worth of services.  Wouldn't a customer think after 8 years of loyalty, Verizon would decrease their loyal customers service. {please keep your posts courteous}  They have no way for a customer to disconnect a service online.  However their are multiple ways to add a service or upgrade a package.  Verizon offers new customers a bundle for $79.00 per month however they provide their loyal customers with nothing.  Thanks god Apple TV and Google dongles are available.  I would suggest folks to leave Verizon, purchase an inexpensive ISP and use Apple TV or Google Dongle as your TV viewing.  It is 90% less expensive, no commercials...a customer can stream whatever they want to their TV for pennies.  

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Completely understandable. I hate nothing more than the teaser rates that expire after a year or two, then the telecoms or cable company gouges you expecting the customer is too lazy to do anything about it or doesn't have any other choices in providers (which in some cases it unfortunately true). Time Warner lost me as a customer due to this and I didn't feel like playing the game of threatening to cancel, calling customer retention, not getting anything decent, calling back to see if another representative could do anything better, repeat...

Affordable broadband is something we don't have in the United States. Our rates by independent research are already in the most expensive per bandwidth in the industrialized nations. I'm already paying an outrageous amount for my current FiOS services and if they jump up after two yeas I'll be moving on if Verizon tries to play any games. They could learn a thing or two that consumers sometimes do have choices and if you offer a better play to new customers than loyal customer who have been with you for years you'll easily lose them. If you have no other provider then I'd suggest voicing your opinion about the need for regulation t the FCC.

As a suggestion to Verizon as well as other cable and internet providers, the teaser rates that expire is a good way to alienate your customers. If you need something to bring new subscribers in consider using more of the promo gift cards or other incentives like a year of free movies channels or something that while nice to have isn't going to ruin service if they go away (compared to a massive price increase). As much as I hate contracts, maybe even shorter six-month ones for current customers at a locked in rate they can renew ever six months or a year if they stay with Verizon (and price it the same as new customer deals).