Trying to Re-Sign Up for Fios?! Returning Customer Issue

Hello all,

I was a Verizon Fios customer starting in 2016 until last June (6/2017). I recently moved and tried to re-sign up for service at my new address. When I login to my Verizon account here it gives me an error when I try to use the move my service option that says "Contact your Verizon Local Business Office", which is extremely unhelpful. The contact number it lists is the 1-800-Verizon number which when I call it asks for my Verizon Wireless number (I am not a Verizon Wireless customer).

I tried to sign up using a retailer's site and that too gave me the same error once it recognized that I have a Verizon Fios account.

How do I get ahold of someone who can fix this? I can't seem to find a Verizon Local Business Office anywhere near me, and there seems to be no Fios 1-800 number.

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Hi katep,

Please try contacting Verizon via the Residential "Contact Verizon Support" page located here:

Please let us know here if you are unable to get through to support via the link above.