Trying to get updated instructions for using my own router with Fios TV One
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Hi all - 

I've read a gazillion posts on the question of using my own router with FIOS internet and TV, retaining VOD and guide, remote access etc.

Unfortunately, much of what's out there is partially outdated. 

Currently, I have gigabit service and a G1100 I had previously for lower speed. 

I've set up my edge router as primary, with the G1100 connected to coax and connected LAN to LAN to the edge router.  G1100 has DHCP and Wifi turned off so it's acting as a MOCA connection to the STBs only.

I have the new FIOS TV ONE stbs.

This seems to be working great for the most part.  TV service works, VOD and guide work.  Remote access does not work, and I'd like to have that ideally.

Now - I've seen the 3 router solution on DSL Reports - which is supposed to be the only way to have everything work.  But more recent comments say you don't need to do this.

I've also seen a variety of comments and posts about what ports need to be forwarded to make remote access work.

Most recent comments on that FAQ provide a different set of port forwards than previous ones: 

I'm unclear if these are confirmed to be the right ones with the TV One boxes.  I'm also unclear if all of the forwards should be to the STBs or if some ports should be forwarded to the G1100. 

Question: Should the G1100 have DHCP Relay set - or no DHCP at all?

Here are the ports I saw suggested for TV One - any confirmation?

4567 and 4577 TCP to TV One Server STB?  To G1100? 

63145 UDP to TV One server/DVR?

35000+ to port 7547 on all the STBs? 


Re: Trying to get updated instructions for using my own router with Fios TV One
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For remote access, there is no known configuration for using non-Verizon router as the primary. The STBs' port forwardings are dynamically assigned by G1100/G3100.