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I completed an order on 06 April to install Fios in a new house we bought, but still have not been able to get a confirmed date for the installation, or even a general timeframe for when it might happen. We are scheduled to move on 08 May, and need internet at the new house to work (teleworking due to COVID and there is no current internet wired at the house, so it is quite critical for us to work). I understand the technicians are being careful now and need to limit exposure, but I also just want to know if they will be able to do the install at some point before we move in. The house is vacant and no one is living there, so it would be safer for the techs than coming into a house that is occupied, if that helps with the prioritization?

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Unfortunately due to the virus lock downs your install will not be forthcoming.

since as you pointed out “you must have internet to work at home” during this crisis you can understand why verizon techs cannot do installs.

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You're talking to other users here.

Currently Verizon techs are not doing any inside work due to COVID-19.  There are rumors they are exploring options to work in empty buildings or deliver "FiOS in a box", but I've not heard if this is standard practice yet.  It may also vary based on location.

In short, to get an answer to your question for your specific location, you'll need to ask Verizon.  Try using or @VerizonSupport on Twitter.

Good Luck