Turned Fios Quantum Gateway into Extender.. how does it know it's an extender now?
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I got a new Fios WIFI6E router.  I wanted to use the old Fios Quantum Gateway into an Extender.

So I went through the steps of disabling the DHCP  and the broadband coax thing (Disable Coax link).   It's also showing up as so I can get into the UI.   So I think everything is working, however it's still broadcasting the old SSID.   Do I change it to the same SSID as the new router?  Do I just hide the SSID?  How does it automatically know to "be" an extender?  BTW, SON is turned off, although I don't know if that matters?

Lastly it appears none of the ether ports on the back of the Quantum Gateway are working now.  Is there anything I can do to get them working again?  Currently in Ethernet properties it says status Disconnected with IPv4 address distro disabled.

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