Unable to Factory Reset after firmware update

For the past month or so I have had some issues with my quantum router G1100. Wifi connection problems, possibly related IP assignment problems, randomly unable to log into the the admin panel until reboot. The majority of problems have occured around the time of a recent March 2019 firmware update.

I want to try to factory reset it, but neither the UI method by resetting to defaults on the restore page or the 10 second press red reset button method work. When the device boots up the device is exactley the same as it was. I had changed my SSID and after the reset it is exactly the same as my changed ID and doesn't match the label on the product. My changed WPA2 keys remain and don't match the factory label.  Any settings I changed are still there after attempting to factory reset.

After the factory reset procedure it also doesn't ask me to configure the device like it used to, it just goes straight the the admin log in.

On the restore page I tried deleting all the saved configurations by selecting the checkbox, but when I reboot, they are all still there.

Has anyone sucessfully completed a factory reset in the last few weeks after the new firmware was forced out?

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Sometimes firmware updates bonk the router and you need to have verizon replace it.

contact verizon and have them swap out your router. Or go to a verizon fios store location (corporate) and swap it there.

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When you select Restore Factory defaults, I assume you choose factory default vs factory default (except user settings)?

Do you get confirmation that it will default?