Unable to access my account & these forums
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Having this problem for a week now.  I changed my password numerous times.  Still the problem persisted.  I kept getting the following errors:

 "We don't recognize the device you're using. Please verify your User ID, then answer the secret question."


You don't have permission to access /vrzn/vrzn_sso on this server."

 I did a Google search & a few folks who were having the same problem/issues.  However, they were from 2016 & earlier.  One of the solutions was to delete cookies.  I did this.  The site still rejected my password but accepted my security question??


I came here straight away to post this.  Is there a glip on the account website(s), work being done behind the scenes and/or human error on my end?

My system info:

iMac (2017)

Waterfox 56.2.1

Sierra 10.12.6


I also tried using other browsers like Safari, FF & Chrome w/the same results.


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