Unable to connection to Many Chinese Websites on internet and WIFI

Hi everyone, 

I am having this kind of issues since 2 months ago (Was working before). i cannot connect to many of the chinese web site such as  QQ, Baidu and other chinese web site on my two of my PCs. The issue goes to Wifi on my any mobile devices as well. For example, i tried to play some Chinese MMORPG with wifi, it refused to connect. once i disabled WIFI and use my Phone data provider and it works perfectly fine. 

Sometime when i tried to check my speed test multiple times, the router acting very slow. it shows an error message "The connection between your access point, router, or cable modern and the internet is broken."

please if anyone have any solution to fix this chinese web site blockage would appreciate for the help!


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Community Leader

The next time you're experiencing problems with any website, try running a Traceroute to see where the connection may be dying. You'll need to know the IP Address or hostname of what you're trying to trace. Here's a tutorial.


Once completed, feel free to post the traceroute. We can take a look at it.