Unable to get WPS to work

1st off I know the WPS button on the router does not work.

I'm trying to connect a Dell B1160w printer to a FIOS wouter. I log into the router control panel and go to Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS),  made sure that WPS was enabled, I then go to the printer and pressed the WPS button which is blinking which indicates that it is trying to connect to the network. I then go to the router admin on the web and press the WEP button. 

I wait the two minutes and then I get the following.


WPS registration has timed out. Did not successfully add a WPS client to the network within 2 minutes.

Any suggestions?

Re: Unable to get WPS to work

Go to the printer and do the manual setup.

most printers (newer) have a setup program with a usb cable needed for first setup.

in running the setup it will ask if you want usb or network WiFi connection.

choose the WiFi connection and it will find the network and assign an IP address.

follow the screens until complete. Then you should be all set to go.

Re: Unable to get WPS to work
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