Unable to order Fios in Philadelphia Apartment

Hi guys! Hopefully someone can help. 

I live in a multifamily home/apartment. It is an old brick home with three stories plus a basement totaling 4. 

I have run into several issues:

First, I tried entering my exact address, unit included. The website gave me a list of all units (1st, 2nd, 3rd floor units) not residing in the basement where I am.

Second, I tried calling and was told that an apartment listed as "Apt. 1" is the only unit which is Fios ready despite all other units being listed on the website as such: "First FL Front","First FL Rear","First FL Middle",  with the second and third floor following this format. I also saw the listing for Apt. 1, as well as the address of the home without units. She did not seem very knowledgeable so this Apt. 1 business could be in error.  

Third, I walked around the building searching for an ONT box. I found 2 comcast boxes and telephone boxes outside but  no verizon boxes.

I live in a basement apartment which isn't officially listed for several services, or at least the unit #BF doesn't match  (UPS, comcast, etc).

What can I do? I see Fios available throughout the area. My landlord has very limited understanding of this sort of stuff, but if necessary I could go through the landlord. 

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Community Leader

If apt 1 is fios ready then it probably had fios installed at some point but you might not see ont as they are frequently installed inside the actual residence. Unfortunately sometimes the sub locations of the address might be different in vz system vs what they actually are for example apt a might be apt 1 in vz system. Maybe the basement apartment was added later and is not in system. One thing you can do is call up and see if they can add you sub loc to system or just order with whatever sub loc is closest to you and the install tech will be able to call up and have the basement sub loc added. 


The home must have an ONT in order to have Fios.

verizon must have one located somewhere in the home or apartment complex.

did you ask the only Fios customer in apt 1 if they actually have it?

you may just have to keep calling or ask for a Fast Ticket to get Fios in your apartment.