Unable to report or get stats of Internet outage

Experienced an Internet outage for over 1hour and 1/2, on 7/24 7pm-930pm.

I Called and was on hold before talking to anyone for over 27 min.

FIOS TV was working 

My router was working properly but could not connect to Verizon network


Upon leaving my residence and checking thru a Comcast customer account I saw outage reports at various Outage sites like 



Xfinity Status Center - Check for Service Outages in Your Area


And the Verizon site says:

We are not detecting outages in your area.

The only option was to try and to open a ticket thru a Comcast or not Verizon access account.

This affected my ability to work remotely and school work during prime time after a long 9-5 day.


There was no status or outage report afterwards.


This has happened a number of times in the past and still no report of any kind or anything following up to acknowledge the outage.


Since my TV was working I thought that would be the perfect way to notify report or even initiate a problem with the service.


The fact FiOS hasn’t acknowledged outages seems like a lack of value in the service, considering paying over 150$ for the service.


Its understood that some outages are beyond their control but notification and acknowledgment isn't.  And it allows customers to make other plans or at the very least... not put effort into something that is a known issue.


 Its seems insulting and intentional that there isn’t any acknowledgement or any way to put in a report, check status or be told when things should be working again.


Some response to this or change to how customers are treated would be nice.

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