Unable to watch movies online- Need a REAL solution!

What is the playback solution for MS Silverlight issues. I have tried multiple solutions on two different laptops (MacBook Pro and Surface Pro) but I am still unable to play my movies online. I understand MS Silverlight is no long supported by Verizon or Netflix so what is the solution for the playback issues. I have 20+ movies in my Verizon Library that I can not watch because of this issue. I have read the forums here and on other sites but no one seems to have a solution. Am I missing something? How do I fix the playback issue? If MS Silverlight is no longer supported, what programs/plugin do I need to install to correct the issue?

Re: Unable to watch movies online- Need a REAL solution!

The above link may assist you. However some stand alone free and paid video players should work. I use a DVD 12 boxed program. I paid about $80 for it and it plays movies and audio and a gazillion other formats with ease.

PowerDVD12 is also available for free which I believe is limited


Then of course there is the paid versions.


Good Luck