Unacceptable customer service
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I called customer service about non-functional E-mail service from AOL (bad enough) and was told the wait would be over an hour. I entered my phone-number for a call-back, and finally got one. The person to whom I spoke said she would transfer me to somebody who could help, and dumped my call into a system that keeps jabbering a recorded message over and over about Verizon's services. It has been jabbering away for more than 20 minutes, and there is no way to shut it up so I can do constructive work while I wait for help with a problem caused by AOL's poor quality service. I am in fact about ready to hang up on it.

Disrespectful treatment of customers in this manner (dumping their calls into automated systems that harass the customer by playing the same recorded trash over and over) is hardly a good way to retain their support. I must therefore deem Verizon's customer support as worse than useless.

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Don't feel bad. I just had a one and a half hour go with customer service in chat trying to fix a severe drop in internet speeds. I have a Gigabit connection and was seeing speeds in the 300-400 range. At the end, I was asked to reboot the computer and he would call my phone to continue. I did and he called a few minutes later. His accent was so strong I could hardly understand him. After going round and round with him about the speeds, he just hung up on me. No goodby, no we can't do anything about it, nothing. He just hung up. Good customer service.