Unavailable options may be offered on your services page!
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Be aware: Verizon's "Services" page can show your account has offers not really available. VZ will INITIALLY tell you "if is shows up on your offers page, then it is available". Research through support before pulling the trigger, or you can lose your current price (usually VZ can't reinstate exact previous service). 

2011: Signed up for HSI Enhanced when offered, but never get any higher speed for many months. 

2012: Weeks of research after I questioned it demonstrate nothing higher than 1 Mbps can be achieved at my site so I get a big refund.

2013: an email offers me that same upgrade to Enhanced HSI!

Curious how that is possible, I inquire and no one replies. 2 weeks later, I ask here, and it gets moved to private support area. Final result per support is that IN THEORY enhanced speed is available, BUT the line distance entailed means no higher speed than regular dsl of .5-1Mbps will ever be achieved. But, I was still able to click that offer and pay extra; VZ happily sells me an "upgrade" despite knowing it cannot be provided here.  

I do see that today, VZ has removed that offer from my services page, yet even the week after getting a refund last year, it was again on my offers page. When I complained, I was told not all offers you can sign up for may really be available. I said WHAT? VZ agents will tell you they are, surely when you click to upgrade you start PAYING for it! So don't buy before getting true confirmation that a service really exists. Today my neighbor says her address still shows enhanced hsi available at her house (certainly as far away if not farther than me). 

So I thank Verizon for FINALLY answering my question and recognizing their error by removal of the offer from my services page, but 3 days of back-and forth in "private support area" would be unnecessary if you allowed final "solutions" to be viewed by others. All we get to see is perhaps the initial reply, which my case proves may be NOT CORRECT and in need of higher level support vs. a "programmed" response. It makes me and others feel you try to hide something when communication with upper levels has to be kept secret, and all we get to see in the forums is stuff that is sometimes helpful, but usually problems we WANT to see solutions for are hidden in the private support case area. I know some of the stuff is really private, but it would be nice to at least allow modification of the oroginal post to show the outcome for the benefit of other customers with problems. No other public business operates in such secrecy without similar criticism, if at all.

Re: Unavailable options may be offered on your services page!
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That's what the forums are supposed to be about.  Customers assisting

customers with our experience with Verizon service, etc.


What is the purpose of Verizon upper, hiring moderators who lack the

experience to assist customers (may I add, pay all of Verizon employees

salaries, including the CEO's) with whatever issues?  Or, were they hired

to shut us down, when we do not play fair?Smiley Wink


Lastly.  I least you did receive information.  I received a deactivated account &

no forwarding email of anything.