Unble to Access ESPN3 on App or Laptop

I have FIOS Internet, and can access ESPN3 on my desktop but not on my ESPN or WatchESPN apps in my Android phone or my laptop.

For my laptop:

--Browse to espn.com

--Click on Watch

--Brought to place to select Provider

--Select Verizon FIOS 

--Enter credentials

--Confirms login

--"ESPN subscription required...Shop Now"


ESPN3 is free for Verizon FiOS users; no TV subscription is required. It is on the list of approved providers (http://www.espn.com/espn3/affList).

Also, after tinkering, I am able to view the ESPN3 on my desktop.

Finally, I had to problem in the past on any device.

I've tried different browsers, turning off my VPN, and in Incognito mode.

Any tips? Thanks