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What size conduit do I need to install if I want to bring Fios into my house underground?  I am installing a new driveway and want to lay the conduit in place before I put down the blacktop.  I would then be able to pull the Fios cable through the conduit and into the house at a later date.  Thank you.

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Community Leader

A one inch would be plenty.

But if you might have other cables needed over time, maybe run larger or multiple conduits. If it is not too long, going to a 2 or 3 inch conduit wouldn't be that much more.

Biggest thing is keeping track of where it is if you aren't going to use it right away.

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Community Leader

If it has one of the bigger heads you need at least 1” 1/4 to get the fiber through. Like the previous poster said you could go bigger for additional wires. And don’t forget you can’t mix communication wires with electric so if electric also needs to be ran you’ll need an additional conduit run.