Unfair repair charge of $99

I've noticed a drop in speed recently. I called support and the technician asked me to disconnect the router and connect the laptop directly to the ONT. After we did that, he directed me to the speed test site and the results were the same. He said he needs to send a technician to check the wiring. I received a notice later on that there could be a charge of $99, if the technician has to do any repairs. I was ok with that. The technician arrived, unplugged my router and ran a speed test. The speeds came back perfect. He said the issues are with my router. I asked him,  how come the tests from few days ago showed something else when connected to a laptop directly from ONT? He said that the technician should have released the IP address before running the tests. I still don't understand how releasing an IP address could make a speed difference. I plugged in the cable back to my router and the speeds are where they should be. Why am I being charged for misdiagnosis? Was there something wrong with the configuration on Verizon's side which got fixed prior for the technician arriving? Am I being taken for a ride? Someone shows up to tell me all is good and btw there is a $99 charge. I've been Fios customer for 15 years. Not a single support call. I can't say I'm pleasantly surprised with his one. 

Re: Unfair repair charge of $99
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Hi FIOSJCust1234,

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