Up-link Speed Dropped in Half after First Week

20210609 - Hello, you are correct and specifically it' on the up-link side where Vz is "throttling: folks. When I first signed up with Vz in April of 2021 I was very concerned about nefarious and illegal DOS (Denial of Service).

After I signed up I monitored everything about the service to insure it was "above board" on provided what they claimed for the $$$ they wanted for it. For the FIRST week after signing up the service WAS actually doing that.  I was a :happy camper."

After only ONE WEEK of "service for what I was being billed for" the Up-link speed dropped in half and it's even lower now, two months later!!! I have 400/400 tier level and the download speed has always been "as advertised", but the Up-link side dropped from the original 400MBits I got during the 1st week down to 200Mbits and lower in most cases currently, and that going a direct connection using CAT6 through the ONT and one computer (i7-3770 Quad running at 3.9Ghz ona GB NIC.

Network tech support "laughed" at me when I explained the direct suggested testing method and tried to blame it on technical issues and always want to send a tech, instead of fixing their problem on their end which are simply "settings" that "throttle" it DOWN 50% supported by their "proprietary" testing method. Right, everyone else in the world are incompetent and don't know how to test internet speeds properly....  That's a really lame excuse. Why were my initial speed tests results good showing I was getting what I was paying for for a solid week before it dropped 50%???  Come on Elon Musk, get those satellites up, turned on and tested, please! We need some HONOR & ETHIC somewhere in this corrupt world!!!

Re: Up-link Speed Dropped in Half after First Week
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Sometime the speed tests are inaccurate. Can you upload a large file to Google Drive and monitor the upload speed in the Task Manager?

Verizon does not throttle speeds.