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Has anyone upgraded from something lower than 100MBps to 100MBps?  If  so, was there a noticeable difference to your Internet?  Also, if you did do that, was there a requirement for Verizon to come to your place of residence to do the upgrade or was it done remotely?  When I went from 25MBps to 75MBps it was all done remotely.  And frankly, I did  not see any difference to what I have always done on the Internet.  Now, in order to go from 75MBps to 100MBps, they want to come to my place of residence to make some sort of adjustment.  They never give me a clear understanding of why they need to come to my place (for $99.00). 

This what they say:

"Let me share that 25 to 75mbps are in the same range and this is why it can be speed up with the system. However, the speed from 100Mbps to FIOS Gigabit Connection it is under FIBER Optics and this is why it we will do the upgrade the technician needs to come by to make changes in your internet line."


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The older ONTs(the unit the fiberoptic cable connects to) top speeds are 75 mbps. When you upgrade to 100 mbps Verizon needs to come out and upgrade the ONT. They will also run ethernet to the router and possibly upgrade the router as well. From there with the newer ONT on ethernet you can go from 100 mbps to the gig remotely. 

Now as far as noticing your speed faster probably not. There are many factors like your device's CPU and processor speed. You could have the fastest internet connection in the world but if you device processor is slow it will still be slow. 

Also keep in mind the higher speeds are to provide more bandwidth since there are now multiple people streaming video in the house now. Also streaming video will be one of the most demanding things you do with you connection and it only requires 35 mbps for 4k. 

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This is what I presently have:

Internet Plan
Fios Internet Speeds Up to 25 Mbps/25 Mbps + Fios 50/50 Internet Speed Upgrade

They upgraded me automatically over a year ago....didn't have to change any equipment.

Perfectly happy with my streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime with my set up.

Not a gamer.

My Router is Rev I version