Upgrade without adding router to order?

I'm trying to take advantage of one of the deals for upgrading to gigabit service, but I don't need the Verizon router. How do I remove it from the cart (either rental or purchase)? I also don't use the security and cloud service so want to remove that. I can't find any way to remove either of them.

Re: Upgrade without adding router to order?

Upgrading is different than “new customer deals” 

if you try it on the web you may as you found out not have the pick and choose option you have as a new customer.

you could try chat or calling but you might get the items removed but may end up paying more. You could order with the added junk and when received return to Verizon store location or via their return process (please note Verizon does not make it easy to effect returns so be persistent) 

if this is an upgrade as stated you could on chat or call insist that it’s not part of the package or you will move to another service provider. But don’t threaten it unless you have another provider available.

the upgrade as you described is made to get more money from you via the router rental ($12x24=$288 for the two years+) or $150 one time fee for the rental. Then add in the $10 for the cloud service $120 per year, add both in and you are paying more for you “deal” research before you commit.