Upgraded speed and got slow speed

I had the 15 mbs with free router, and wanted to upgrade to 75 mbs. I was not told i had to upgrade my router which will cost $299 or a monthly rental fee. I was not able to get 75 down, but got less than 4 mbs (was getting 15 before). When I went though help they told me i had to replace my router.

I would prefer to go back to 15/15 and keep my free router, but I'm being forced get the router to "fix" a problem only relating to upgrading to 75/75.

This is very frustrating. i would not have gone to 75\75 if I knew it required a new router cost.

I don't believe the lag (from 22ms to 56ms) and loss of speed has anything to do with my router. I believe I have been manulipated into upgrading without reason.

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Community Leader

What router do you have currently? Even the old ActionTec routers could handle 75/75 on wired, even if the Wi-FI was not good enough.