Upgraded to 100/100mbps FIOS with little to no speed changes

I recently upgraded to FIOS 100/100 but have seen little to no bumps in download speeds. I understand that using Wi-Fi will give you about half of what is advertised, but I am receiving either the same download speeds or a very negligible bump in comparison to my previous plan. Do I need to upgrade the router or change any network settings (I'm using the most recent version of Mac OS Mojave). Thanks.

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You don’t say what your speeds previously. If at 75/75 it would be a slight increase.

you may need to be provisioned from fios via calling them up.

you are using verizons router? And not your own.

you might try simply hitting the reset button on the router to clear previous settings.

it may help. 

Wifi of course will be iffy as you state. Only a direct connection from the Verizon routers lan port to your computer to their server is accepted.

1-800-VERIZON see if you are provisioned correctly.