Upgrading to 500/500 and don't want to lose my 13 static IP's


I currently have FiOS 300/65 with 13 static IP's for my business and we are interested in upgrading to the 500/500 package.

However, I can not get a clear answer if my static IP's will change or not. It is critical that my IP's do not change. The only answer I get is "maybe". I was wondering if you may have some further knowledge on this matter. We really want to upgrade, but can't do so without knowing. Also, we just recently had our ONT replaced to support additional circuits and our IP's did not change.

I put a message out to a different board and recieved this response:

"There are a number of factors that can determine weather or not the IP address is kept. The most important thing is the ONT that you have. The ONT can handle up to the 500/500 if it is available in your area. If the ONT changes out then your IP address would most likely change. So with no equipment change, the only other determining factors are what type of order the business office writes for you. In short those are the most important factors but there is no way to gurantee the IP address will be the same."

So it seems that the ONT won't cause problems, but only how the business office writes the upgrade? Whom can I contact to get a concrete answer to this? Like I said, we really want to upgrade but someone has to know the outcome.



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