Upgrading to Gigabit

I had 75 Mbps Fios service and TV. After the two year agreement was up, I was offered Gigabit service through customer chat, thinking it would work with my existing setup. Now I realized it can't be done without running Ethernet cable wiring from the ONT to router and TV. I have coax wiring now. The issue is that there is no easy way to wire Ethernet as the walls and basement are finished.

I contacted support to go back to a plan that works with my existing setup. Customer service will not allow me to downgrade, stating it is a technical problem, and tech support states that it is not a technical problem and forwards me back to customer service. The technician is coming next week, but I already know this will not work.

I am trying to prevent an issue before it becomes one. When I asked to switch back to the original service, they offered a price that cost more than the Gigabit service and more than the no monthly contract plan I had before.

Anybody have experience with upgrading from coax to Ethernet? They are four rooms apart. Basement is fixed. Upper floor is a second floor. Does the technician have a solution? My understanding is that they do not do any inside wiring.

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It totally depends on what service you have. Just internet? Internet & TV or Internet & TV and phone service? If internet only Verizon can attach ethernet from your ont and simply drill a hole to the place you have the router. They may need to replace the ONT so where is it located now? Mine was installed outside on the side of our home. The installer drilled a hole through the siding line and the wall. 

Fed the lines through the hole snd then sealed the opening. You cannot even see it.

then ethernet to my own router.

now if you have tv then the router will still handle it as before. The internet (I take it you have just one physical connection) or do you have multiple MOCA connections throughout your home such as wall plates etc.

just let the installer do the deciding and if you like it then your good to go.

being that your service is via coaxial remember cable would have no issue hooking to it with no modifications. But that decision is yours. In my area they have gigabyte service, but not both ways.